Branding & Packaging Design
The home gardening industry is inundated with countless brands selling products without strong brand image or attractive packaging. Soleil® is created to fill this void. Its goal is to develop a highly recognizable brand and packaging that strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Novice and veteran gardeners alike will find the brand approachable and packaging user friendly.
Reé Chen
Designer at Art Center College of Design  

Packaging Design

Logo Concept Statement

Soleil®, meaning ‘sun” in French, is an essential element of the entire ecosystem. Plants depend on light to survive. The first letter “l” in the name is modified to resemble a stem and by adding four leaves, it connotes a growing plant. This treatment gives the logo a sense of life and energy. The logo is inspired by the typeface which has a clean and elegant form. Orange color is chosen to symbolize sunlight. Dark and light green colors are used for the background and the tagline. The overall color scheme evokes nature and life.

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