Branding, Iconography, & UX/UI Design
This new identity design has been created to illustrate the new visual identity elements that define the Verizon brand and how to apply them in the digital space. The ecosystem has been designed to position the Verizon brand as forward-thinking and powerful, with in-the-moment lifestyle photography, a cohesive approach to iconography and type, and meaningful application of Verizon Red.
Reé Chen
Designer  |  
Jeff Applegate
Art Director  |  
Jim Beaudoin
Creative Director at AKQA

Digital Ecosystem

This approach to owning red, when consistently applied with the other brand identity guidelines, will reinforce the Verizon brand across all its digital touch points, from the desktop browser experience to mobile web to the Verizon suite of apps.


The new iconography system is designed to express the energy and optimism of the Verizon brand while facilitating the user experience with clear, recognizable icons.


Icons are designed in adherence with rigid guidelines and with strict attention to detail in order to maintain structure, consistency and alignment with the brand.

Small Icon Adjustment

 Simplified the smaller icons to keep the optimization and legibility. The visual treatment is open and applicable across lines of business.

Pixel Perfect

Icons that align to the pixel grid make the icon crisp, scalable, responsive, and suitable for many devices.

Icon Gallery

Clean, sleek, flat icons that can easily adapt to multiple purposes and environments.

Small Business Solution

Inventory management & checkout process


Dashboard, Searchable Product List, Customer Setup, & Payment Transaction

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