UX/UI Design & Product Design
Amulet is a light and handy tracking device easily attachable to anything of value or importance. Working in tandem with an app, the owner can accurately locate and quickly retrieve properties misplaced, lost or stolen.
Reé Chen
Head of Product Design & UX/UI Design |  
Industrial Design |  

Product Design

Simple, minimal and futuristic.  Amulet transforms its ancient counterparts with mystical power that served to confer protection against evil, into modern day lucky charms that help owners track valuables. Its breathing light design further conveys the supernatural properties of the original amulets.

UX Design

Developed and tested the app and the device with engineers and users to create versatile locating functions and workflow in various scenarios.  

Logo Design

Lines making up the character ‘A’ are inspired by the motion of flicking a magic wand and also by ley lines crisscrossing the globe connecting points of sites with supernatural energy. The design concept traces the roots of ancient belief in amulets’ magical power and interprets it in a modern and futuristic manner.

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