UX/UI Design, Editorial Design, & Illustration
As every news event is treated as 'Breaking News' in our hyperpaced world, we become inundated by more news around the world on a real time basis than we can comprehend. To get in-depth understanding on major news events, we usually turn to newsweeklies. iKnow, created specifically for iPad as a biweekly news magazine, offers readers a comprehensive view on the stories behind the headlines. Using illustrated narration created by renowned and emerging international artists instead of traditional photographic reportage, iKnow helps to give shape to subtle sensations while downplaying the sensationalism that is typical of over-hyped news reporting. The non-satirical illustrations also serve to effectively communicate complicated facts using tools such as graphs and charts. By integrating current technology with a unique news format, iKnow successfully appeals to young adults and readers who are more accustomed to gaining information through graphic illustration, and is thus able to achieve what most news media failed: engaging young adults in world news.
Reé Chen
Design Lead |  
Vladimir Almonnord, Jocelyn Liang, & Sebastien Deon Rossouw

Global News

iKnow provides U.S., Asia, Europe, Middle East, and Africa Editions with the text and the subtitle in multiple languages for the user to select.

Egypt's Revolution

Feature story, illustrated by Sebastien Deon Rossouw

Royal Wedding

Feature story, illustrated by Jocelyn Liang

Tohoku Earthquake & Tsunami

Feature story, illustrated by Vladimir Almonnord

Interactive Design & Video Demo

iKnow creates a platform to connect communal prayer worldwide.

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