Product Design & Branding
Givelify product mockups in Mac book and iPhone.
Givelify, the most trusted digital giving platform, along with its powerful donation management system has become the fastest growing technology for advancing generosity in the world — instantly connecting people to their heart’s impulse to do good. Being part of the small rebrand team in-house, our challenge was to create a strategic and visual identity that enables it to stand out in the market. To capture the essence of our mission, we reimagined our logo with a heart right at its center. Love, compassion, and caring are what drive both our dedicated giving partners and our generous givers. The rebrand project includes redesigning the brand identity, establishing a new visual system, improving the UI/UX for the mobile giving app and donation management platform.
Reé Chen
| Sr. Product Designer  

Design System

Logo, brand guideline, foundations, & UI components

Givelify Giving App

Digital giving platform, Mobile App / B2C

Givelify Analytic Studio

Donation management system,  Web App / SaaS / B2B

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