L'Oréal Amazon Accelerator
Product Design
A screenshot of the Amazon Accelerator interface showcasing three product screens.
The L'Oréal Amazon Accelerator Application is a data analytics platform developed to address the challenges faced by L'Oréal in managing and analyzing sales data from Amazon. It provides a centralized solution for accessing critical business insights and facilitating decision-making. By integrating L'Oréal's commercial and media data from Amazon into a single source of truth, the application empowers users with a user-friendly interface that allows different user roles to access concise summaries, actionable insights, comprehensive analysis, and relevant data.
4 Mile Analytics / A Media Monks Company
| Lead Designer
As the lead designer entrusted with this ambitious undertaking, I collaborated extensively with L'Oréal's esteemed internal team, including the Head of Amazon Strategy & eCommerce Products and a talented engineering cohort, to gain insights into the challenges and user needs. Guided by a multidisciplinary approach, I worked closely with cross-functional experts at 4 Mile, spanning engineering, product management, and data analysis, to navigate complex challenges and craft an elegant solution. Furthermore, by engaging L'Oréal's in-house creative team in Paris, I ensured seamless integration with the brand's design system and linguistic ethos.
An image showcasing five screens of the Amazon Accelerator interface. A screenshot of the Amazon Accelerator interface showcasing three product screens.An image showcasing a high-level information architecture.

As the project advanced and I gained further insights, I refined the information architecture using a layer-based approach. This involved meticulous planning and organization of the screens, taking into account their quantity and appropriate categorization. The detailed architecture served as a roadmap for the design process, allowing for the development of a flexible structure that can easily accommodate with future expansions.

 An image displaying a layer-based information architecture.An image showcasing the key features of the Amazon Accelerator interface.An image of the Amazon Accelerator logo.

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